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Poomer - About Us

POOMER is found & owned (owner) by Mr. M. Palanisamy, followed by Managing Director Mr. Pa. Moorrthy. We at Poomer are oriented in giving the best quality at affordable prices by our STATE OF ART manufacturing methods from cotton to cloth.

Poomer owner Palanisamy & Moorrthy with trust in quality designed and specialised In this field. Our promise in quality starts basically from our spinning mill which is situated in Vellakoil. It has a vast infrastructure with the latest technology machines. We procure the best cotton in India. Then the journey of our fabric starts from this place. It is being sent through a smart fabrication process with utmost care & quality. The next is the processing of fabrics in dyeing which is established in a vast area.

We have stringent quality methods in all our processing and the fabrics are dyed in azo- free dyes with the latest technology. Our dyeing also equips the reverse osmosis system according to world class standards so as to prevent the environmental degradation. The process is totally Eco friendly and of course the best of quality. Poomer uses " brilliant white" an Eco friendly chemical imported from Germany along with the special RED X BLEACH which is another element to maintain the whiteness of the fabric by giving it a special texture.

Our administrative office is based in Tirupur and our manufacturing units are based in and around the near by areas such as Kangayam and Sulur. All our production units are enabled with the latest technology cutting and sewing machines. We also specialise in our quality of elastics which is totally one of our in house production made with skilful labours. Poomer has made many innovations to its products as to cater to the changing needs of people.

With trust in quality we design and specialise in producing all types of inner wear for men, women and kids of all ages. Our innovation for men is the launching of shirts and dhoties. We have them in economy and premium ranges. We also specialise in Velcro dhoties for the younger generation. Our shirts are made with adaptable fit for various people. Poomer has also introduced leggings , yoga shorts and sports bras to meet the changing requirements of modern women.

Poomer Clothing also caters to all kinds of people by its variants classified in to premium and economy ranges. Our next variation is the kids products. We cater to young kids in our outer and inner wear.

Poomer has made a mark in states like Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Orissa and Kerala. the brand has occupied a better market share in the above states. We have more than 45 distributors network in Tamilnadu. We are expanding our distributor network to all parts of our country. Currently, the company is mulling over a proposal to expand its market reach to Maharashtra, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh. We are proud to say that we contribute to our nations "Make in India" policy as we source all from within our country.